We have a large supply of bamboo for sale.

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 yellow groove bamboo yellow groove bamboo showing stripe yellow groove bamboo stand yellow stripe bamboo with crook

Yellow Groove aka Phyllostachys aureosulcata

 arrow bamboo  arrow bamboo  arrow bamboo

Arrow Bamboo aka Pseudosasa japonica

 fishing-pole bamboo fishing-pole bamboo grove
Fishing Pole Bamboo aka Phyllostachys aurea

 B.Multiplex "Silverstripe" clump Alphonse Karr clump "Greenstripe" clumping bamboo 
 Clumper bamboo - click for our many varieties!

Boorootball survivus   Stainless steel shovel-type hand/slidehammer buster

"Bamboo Buster"                   "Manuel" - our SS buster 

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