Was in fairly good shape except for all three bottom bearings and shafts.
        Shafts were welded-up and turned-down.
Bottom 3 bearings were replaced with used brass bushings left over from excavator repairs.
They fit perfectly.

Plastic scrapers work great

Small sprocket has clutch built in.
3.9:1 ratio peanut inverter gearbox

Bagasse, 98% juice free

6.5 RPM at tractor idle

#80 chain

Shields up / Osha approved

Flow too clear to see

It's juice!
    The "power" conversion was made doable as a result of decades of gathering parts for chufa harvester construction.
    Square part of main shaft was turned down to fit a recycled 54 tooth #80 sprocket. Still, a huge investment in time just to get rid of a mule/riding lawn mower operator. All for 1/20 acre of sugar cane from stubble which made 100 gal of juice in '08, cooked down to 10 gal of syrup in a 60 gal kettle using wood.
    A major disadvantage is that this setup is dependent on "high tech" bearings.
    We intend to create some method on the big sprocket for re-attaching "the pole" while electricity and oxy/actl is still available. And maybe add a 3pt. hitch arch so it can be moved with tractor. This would make for easy transport and the mill could be moved instead of moving the  bagasse. With the addition of a portable storage tank, it could be operated in the cane field, negating the need to load and haul the cane to the mill.

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