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One of our poplar-wood caskets
  It is permissible and even desirable to simply bury your loved one in favorite clothes and wrapped in a favorite blanket. Some people prefer to use a plain-vanilla casket or even an ordinary box.
  The unit shown here is kept in stock. It has rope handles and is priced at $500.00.  Prices are kept low, and the assumption is that the person you love and who loves you would be horrified if h/she knew you were going into debt for a gaudy and expensive funeral. DIY. Do-It-Yourself!
  We are sponsors of our neighboring, non-profit, green cemetery Glendale Memorial Nature Preserve.
  End-view of poplar-wood casket
  The price for this casket "finished" is $700.00, and includes extra sanding and hand-rubbed, Danish oil. Rope handles are standard.

  In stock. Other models are in stock or can be built on request.

  pet caskets available on site 32433
  Pet caskets are also available on site. They are created here and can be ordered in different sizes.  This one is made of cedar.

  Prices range from $100.00 for small dogs to $350.00 for large dogs (Great Dane, etc).
  You may prefer to purchase your own casket for the day when family members may be burdened with the grief and the details of your passing. The unit pictured has wooden handles which also serve as stands for prized items you may want to take with you.

  The cover is stored behind the unit, and the inner storage shelves are easily removed when the casket's final use is required.

Casket as storage - wooden handles
Here, our casket with rope handles is used as a music center.  The unit can also be placed on the floor horizontally (not shown). The long side, now on top, can be used for plants, more books, or other items.

Whether the casket is vertical or horizontal, the lid can be attached for items you want to store out of sight. If the unit is laid with it's bottom to the floor, the closed unit can serve as a coffee table.

Call 850-859-2141 for more details or affordable casket prices.

Casket used as music center

It is a well-recognized tenet of eastern thought and western psychology that keeping one's impending death in mind throughout life is one of the keys to mental health, and a tool for choosing priorities. What better way to achieve this than to have this beautiful reminder in place in your own home. Contrary to what one might expect, it is a comforting thing to have.